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Advanced Persistent Threats

Organisations are losing the battle against advanced malware, with many organisations already compromised. Enterprises have long relied on antivirus software and firewalls to protect their data. This may no longer be enough. With figures reportedly at 1 in 5 enterprises being targeted by Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s) it is something everyone should consider.

By outsmarting traditional security and bypassing signature-based technologies an open security hole may be present within your organisation. Emerging technologies can help to monitor all processes running on endpoints; such as servers and mobile devices. By monitoring the network for indicators of compromise and reviewing new network connections, APT protection can improve detection of threats and ultimately assist in mitigating the risk.

These new solutions will help to monitor and safeguard your network by a concept known as “Sandboxing”. Sandboxing takes suspicious patterns of online behaviour and network traffic away from your network and analyses them in an isolated environment. Your already established defences can be complemented by utilising these cutting-edge capabilities.  New attacks require new technologies to detect them and introducing a sandbox environment enables a higher degree of accuracy. It means information about the malware can easily be shared among all endpoint devices so enhanced protection across your entire estate is recommended.

In order to ensure your organisation is protected against APTs it is essential that you maintain a layered approach to security. Advice on your individual requirements can be found through our security & networks brochure or by contacting us on 01189 918 6822.

Healthcare Efficiency Show 2013

Nouveau Soutions Ltd recently exhibited at the Healthcare Efficiency Show 2013 showcasing our Mobility and Security Solutions.

The big turnout at the show proved that Technology is at the heart of helping Healthcare organisations to increase efficiency and improve patient care.  The key challenge that resonated from the healthcare professionals we spoke to is that mobility and securing data is a key imperative.

It was around this theme that Nouveau Solutions hosted a seminar with David Williams from Aspen Healthcare and Graeme Nash from Fortinet.  The theme was obviously popular as the theatre was jam packed.  We would like to thank both David and Graeme for their participation.

Finally, we would like to say thank you to everyone who attended our seminar and visited our stand.  We look forward to working with you all and seeing you all again in 2014.

Nouveau Solutions at LIW Show 2013

NSL CRM division of Nouveau Solutions exhibited at the recent LIW Show 2013 and were delighted to be involved for the third year running. As usual the event was a prime meeting place for like-minded fitness and sporting professionals across the UK and a great platform to launch new products.

It provided a great opportunity to showcase our new NSL CRM Leisure portal which will be available in the coming weeks – we received some valuable feedback from our existing customers and we look forward to showcasing our solution in the coming weeks to other leisure organisations who came to our stand.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that visited our stand and to the organisers for a great event. Positioned right next to the LIW Live Stage we had a great vantage point to see some of the latest fitness techniques and do some celebrity stargazing, Hatton and Agassi were particular highlights for some members of our team.

We look forward to see you all again in 2014.

LIW Show 2013


Join us at Leisure Industry Week 2013

LIW Show

Nouveau are exhibiting at the forthcoming LIW Show and will be showcasing NSL CRM.
We will be on stand L220 with advisors to tell you about our NSL CRM Leisure and Ticketing applications.

Our stand will be manned by members of our Business Solutions Team who are responsible for the delivery of our solutions. Our experienced team work hand-in-hand with our customers throughout the design, development, go-live and post implementation phases of projects.

To attend the show you will need to register, click here to register. Book your free 1:1 demonstration on our stand, here.

Our Products & Services

NSL CRM Leisure is a purpose built application that provides a single solution for any: leisure centre, sporting venue or health spa operation. It is one platform, but with many applications – not simply a reservation tool, but a framework to manage and grow your business.

NSL CRM Ticketing is a fully-integrated and scalable system that provides a comprehensive range of online ticketing, subscriptions, hospitality, fund-raising and patron management capabilities. It is applicable to any organisation engaged in event management.

In addition, we provide business solutions that increase business efficiency by improving the effectiveness of the gathering and communication of business information. For full details visit our website

We hope that you can make it to LIW if not, no problem we would be more than happy to organise a more convenient time to hear from you directly to understand your requirements and discuss how we could work with you to the benefit of your organisation and customers.

Enabling and Securing the Mobile Enterprise

Mobile Enterprise How businesses can deal with securing remote workers, BYOD, customer reach and business critical services.

Are your students safe?

The Internet and Web 2.0 applications such YouTube, Learning Gateways etc., are now widely used in schools and are well embedded learning tools.  Monitoring your network traffic and controlling Internet access is of the upmost importance to ensure that children and young people are kept safe. The Internet has drastically changed everyday life, both in and out of school. A recent study by TRU Research and commissioned by McAfee reports that ‘teens have access to an incredible amount of information that they didn’t have, just a decade ago.’  The research found that there has been an increase from 45% in 2010 to currently 70% of teenagers having hidden their online behaviour from their parents.  Whilst schools are limited to monitor and control what their pupils are accessing outside of school and on their own devices they do have a responsibility of e-safety when pupils are on-site. The research further found that, ‘this instant access to information and digital devices is having an impact on; friendships (bullying), physical safety, criminal activity (hacking and piracy), cheating and access to pornography – accidently or intentionally.’

 The Pornography Statistic Report (February 2013) has just been released. The report states that, ‘1 in 5 mobile searches are for pornography and 24% of smart phone owners admitted to having pornographic material on their mobile handset. Although the report collated the statistics from a mainly adult cohort it does include young people in the 15 – 24 year age range, particularly those who live in urban areas.

Nobody needs reminding that teenagers and young people are secretive, inquisitive and resourceful but we need to be constantly mindful of this and ensure that the most up-to-date software and security filters are in place.

Julia Sharman

Education Adviser and Consultant

Could business software solutions help manufacturing industry?

Improving IT systems could help manufacturers cope with a summer shut down at a time of reduced output.

In the current difficult economic environment, firms in the manufacturing sector may be looking for ways they can cut costs and improve the efficiency of their operations.

One way to do this may be to invest in project controlling solutions and software for business management that can help re-align supply chains and upgrade the crucial IT systems that are essential to the smooth running of the business.

Such solutions may be especially essential at the current time, as newly released figures have revealed the UK manufacturing sector saw a drop in activity in April.

The Office for National Statistics revealed factory output fell by 0.7 per cent compared with the previous month, which was worse that expected as many analysts has forecast little or no change.

Lee Hopley, chief economist at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, described the figures as “disappointing”, adding: “Despite the fall coming on the back of a large uptick in March, this still leaves production hovering around levels seen at the end of 2010.”

Therefore, many firms may look to respond to the continued weakness in the sector by re-evaluating their strategy and streamlining their operations.

This may be especially crucial to manufacturers that are looking to shut down over the summer in order to undertake scheduled maintenance or capital investment projects.

Bringing a factory back online after this can be a slow process, but this can be improved with the use of detailed project planning tools, automated billing solutions for external supplier and better staff training before the break.

By using business software options, companies may be able to reduce the length of a shut down and improve on the ramp-up time as the enterprise returns to normal after the break.

This can ensure they can get back up to speed swiftly and return to their core operations, while they may also be left with a blueprint and benchmark that can be followed for future shutdowns, providing benefits for many years to come.

IT depts ‘critical’ to boosting customer experience

It may be up to IT departments to ensure customers are offered a good experience in times of high demand.

Firms looking to improve the experience they offer to
customers may be able to benefit from using small business IT solutions that
can help them manage this area of their operations.

Such solutions could be especially important at the current
time, particularly for businesses trading in the retail sector, as consumer
spending may be likely to increase in the coming months.

Figures released this week by the British Retail Consortium
showed the good weather seen in May boosted sales, with consumer spending up by
3.4 per cent compared with the same month in 2011.

And with major events such as the London Olympics set to
take place in the near future, businesses may need to ensure their systems are
robust enough to cope with an increase in demand.

Therefore, it may fall to the IT department and the chief
information officer to ensure a company is prepared for the summer months and
is able to offer consumers a positive, trouble-free experience.

Vice-president of Forrester Research Kyle McNabb told the way people engage with firms has been greatly changed by the advent
of new technologies, which is something small companies will have to respond

Many bosses may look towards personnel in the marketing
department to boost customer experience and engagement, but in the current
business environment, IT professionals must also be involved.

This is because customer relations are based on their
interactions with an enterprise, its channels and business processes, which are
all embodied by an enterprise’s technology solutions, Mr McNabb said.

He noted: “Technology has empowered customers to wield
greater influence over the brands with which they interact. They expect things
to work the way they want. If an experience disappoints, they make their
dissatisfaction known.”

Therefore, he recommended companies invest in tools such as
services management software, business process analytics and mobile tools to
improve their agility and responsiveness, which could help them identify
potential issues and cope with periods of high demand.

“Your teams need to get closer to your customers,
rethink delivery processes and revisit your development portfolios,” Mr
McNabb said.


Reading based company; Nouveau Solutions LTD celebrated 20 years of business success!

Nouveau Solutions LTD, a provider of IT Solutions and Support Services recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Nouveau Solutions was founded in 1992, by two partners, Andy Stevens and Gary Smithers; formerly work colleagues who had a shared passion of providing outstanding IT Support Services; one of the main services still offered to their customers today.

On the 18th April 2012, Nouveau Solutions invited their customers to an open day at their offices to commemorate this special occasion. The day was a great success and over 100 customers attended and shared in the celebration. Customers that have been with the company since it was founded attended and lots of new faces came too. ACD Designs quoted, “Nouveau Solutions are our IT Support Provider, they do a great job for us and it was brilliant to share in the celebration with them”.

Nouveau Solutions has grown to a company of 40 plus and continues to help customers with their complete IT requirements. Whether customers are looking to improve efficiency, reduce administration costs or plan for disaster we can offer unbiased practical advice and assistance in helping customers to realise their IT objectives.

Chris O’Brien from The Royal Shakespeare Company quoted, “Having been a customer for over 18 years it was great to celebrate the company’s success. The services they provide us are excellent”.

Andy and Gary would like to thank everyone who attended the event, “it was great to celebrate this milestone with so many of our customers. Nouveau Solutions has grown into such a success and it was great to share this celebration with you all” quoted by Andy Stevens.

Press Contact

Berni Maguire

Marketing Manager


Telephone: 01189 186823

Fortinet Renewal

Nouveau are a company established in 1992 dedicated to the management and deployment of IT in business. They are a totally IT focused company and strive to make your working life easier. They build long lasting relationships which they always make two-way.

They offer a range of services working in collaboration with various other companies. One of the companies they have a partnership with is Fortinet; a worldwide provider of network security appliances. Fortinet have a broad, integrated and high-performance system that deals with dynamic security threats whilst keeping the IT infrastructure simple. They put forward the system that will keep you secure.

As Nouveau and Fortinet have been partners since the latter’s move to the UK and are Fortinet Gold Partners.  Nouveau are committed to not only providing the right solution for the customer, but making sure the clients gets maximum return of out of their Fortinet investment.

If a client has a Fortinet Firewall in place but are experiencing problems, the Nouveau team are happy to fix any issues. They also provide renewals of hardware and enhanced support dependant on the client.

Listed below are some system renewal options available:

I.          8X5 Hardware Replacement

a. Firmware Upgrades

b. 8×5 Enhanced Support


II.         Advanced Hardware Replacement (NBD)

a. Firmware Upgrades

b. 24X7 Comprehensive Support


III.        Bundle renewal includes – 8X5 Hardware Replacement

a. Firmware Upgrades

b. 8×5 Enhanced Support

c. AV, IPS, CF, AS,

d. Vulnerability Management


As all the Nouveau staff are on-site, they are available to talk anytime and provide customers with their own support. Staff can advise and make recommendations as to what kind of system and service level would best suit the client.



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